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Headbox/flow box
  • Raw materials: stainless steel
  • Capacity: according to your requirements
  • Size: according to your machine capacity
  • Application: paper making machine
  • Shipping ports: Qingdao port,or other sea port
  • Delivery: L/C,T/T

 Closed type head box

a.Face length-1.9 meter.
b.Head box inlet Consistency 0.5% to 0.8%.                   
c.1 set of square taper tube pulp input device ., ss304.
d.1 set of ladder orifice,made by organice glass             
e.2set of evener roll,ss304.(gear box with motor).
f.1 set of manifold distributor,ss304.
g. box body made by stainless steel.
h.Equipped with clover roots blower loaded pressure

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