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Pulp concentration controller
  • Raw materials: casting steel, stainless steel
  • Capacity:
  • Size: different type
  • Application: concentration controlling
  • Shipping ports: Qingdao port or Shanghai port
  • Delivery: LC, TT

Measurement performances

1)Resolution 0.5% of full range
2)Range 0%~70%
3)Temperature compensation Automatic compensation over the full range
   through the built-in temperature sensor
4)Analogue output 4-20mA, maximum 750Ω
5)Relay output High, low concentration alarm nodes
6)Communication interface RS485
7)Power supply 220Vac, less than 200VA
8)Protection class IP65 (transmitter), IP68 (tube segment type sensor), immersion
    type sensor >IP68
9)Temperature Controller -20~60°C, sensor: -50~100°C.

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