Gypsum Board Paper Making Machine

Gypsum Board Paper Making Machine

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Gypsum Board Paper Making Machine is specially designed with triple wire, nip press and jumbo roll press set, full wire section machine frame is clad with stainless steel. The paper is used for gypsum board production . Due to its advantages of light weight, fire prevention, sound insulation, heat preservation, heat insulation, convenient construction and great disassembly performance, paper gypsum board is widely used in various industrial buildings and civil buildings. Especially in high construction buildings, it is widely used in interior wall construction and decoration.

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Main Features Of Gypsum Board Paper Is As Below

1. Low weight: Gypsum board paper weight is only 120-180g/ m2, but it has very high tensile strength, which perfectly meets the requirements of high-grade gypsum board production. The board produced with gypsum board paper has very high performance in surface flatness, which makes it the best protective material for the production of large and medium-sized high-grade gypsum board.

2. High air permeability: Gypsum board paper has very large breathing space, which allows more water evaporation during the drying process of gypsum board production. It helps to increase production capability and efficiency.

3. Great heat permeability resistance: Gypsum board paper is more convenient for the control of shaping, slitting and turnover in gypsum board production, in production process, gypsum board paper keeps it’s strength and wetness, which helps to improve the yield of board production line.

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Main Technical Parameter

1.Raw material  Waste paper,Cellulose or White cuttings
2.Output paper  Gypsum Board Paper
3.Output paper weight  120-180 g/m2
4.Output paper width  2640-5100mm
5.Wire width  3000-5700 mm
6.Capacity  40-400 Tons Per Day
7. Working speed 80-400m/min
8. Design speed 120-450m/min
9.Rail gauge  3700-6300 mm
10.Drive way  Alternating current frequency conversion adjustable speed, sectional drive
11.Layout  Left or right hand machine
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Process Technical Condition

Waste paper and Cellulose →Double Stock preparation system→Triple-Wire part→Press part→Dryer group→Sizing press part→Re-dryer group→Calendering part →Paper scanner→Reeling part→Slitting&Rewinding part

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Process Technical Condition

Requirements for Water, electricity, steam, compressed air and lubrication:

1.Fresh water and recycled use water condition:
Fresh water condition:clean,no color,low sand
Fresh water pressure used for boiler and cleaning system:3Mpa、2Mpa、0.4Mpa(3 kinds) PH value:6~8
Reuse water condition:
COD≦600 BOD≦240 SS≦80 ℃20-38 PH6-8

2. Power supply parameter
Controlling system voltage:220/24V

3.Working steam pressure for dryer ≦0.5Mpa

4. Compressed air
● Air source pressure:0.6~0.7Mpa
● Working pressure:≤0.5Mpa
● Requirements: filtering、degreasing、dewatering、dry
Air supply temperature:≤35℃


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