Cone&Core Paper Board Making Machine

Cone&Core Paper Board Making Machine

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Cone&Core Base Paper is widely used in industrial paper tube, chemical fiber tube, textile yarn tube, plastic film tube, fireworks tube, spiral tube, parallel tube, honeycomb cardboard, paper corner protection, etc. The Cylinder Mould Type Cone&Core Paper Board Making Machine designed and manufactured by our company uses waste cartons and other mixed waste paper as raw material,adopts traditional Cylinder Mould to starch and form paper, mature technology, stable operation, simple structure and convenient operation. The output paper weight mainly includes 200g/m2,300g/m2, 360g/m2, 420/m2, 500g/m2 . The paper quality indicators are stable, and the ring pressure strength and performance have reached the advanced level.

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Main Technical Parameter

1.Raw material  Old Carton,OCC
2.Output paper  Cone Board Paper,Core Board Paper
3.Output paper weight  200-500 g/m2
4.Thickness 0.3-0.7mm
5.Ply bond 200-600
6.Output paper width  1600-3800mm
7.Wire width  1950-4200 mm
8.Capacity  10-300 Tons Per Day
9. Working speed 50-180m/min
10. Design speed 80-210m/min
11.Rail gauge  2400-4900 mm
12.Drive way  Alternating current frequency conversion adjustable speed, sectional drive
13.Layout  Left or right hand machine
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Process Technical Condition

Waste paper →Stock preparation system→Cylinder mould part→Press part→Dryer group→Calendering part →Reeling part→Slitting&Rewinding part

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Process Technical Condition

Requirements for Water, electricity, steam, compressed air and lubrication:

1.Fresh water and recycled use water condition:
Fresh water condition:clean,no color,low sand
Fresh water pressure used for boiler and cleaning system:3Mpa、2Mpa、0.4Mpa(3 kinds) PH value:6~8
Reuse water condition:
COD≦600 BOD≦240 SS≦80 ℃20-38 PH6-8

2. Power supply parameter
Controlling system voltage:220/24V

3.Working steam pressure for dryer ≦0.5Mpa

4. Compressed air
● Air source pressure:0.6~0.7Mpa
● Working pressure:≤0.5Mpa
● Requirements: filtering、degreasing、dewatering、dry
Air supply temperature:≤35℃


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