Inclined Wire Toilet Paper Making Machine

Inclined Wire Toilet Paper Making Machine

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Inclined Wire Toilet Paper Making Machine is a new technology of high efficiency paper making machinery which design and manufactured by our company, with faster speed and higher output, which can effectively reduce energy loss and production costs. It can meet the papermaking needs of large and medium-sized paper mill, and its overall effect is far better than other types of ordinary paper machines in China. Inclined Wire Tissue Paper Making Machine includes: pulping system,approach flow system, headbox, wire forming section, drying section, reeling section, transmission section, pneumatic device, vacuum system, thin oil lubrication system and hot wind breathing hood system.

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Main Technical Parameter

1.Raw material Bleached Virgin pulp(NBKP, LBKP); Recycle White Cutting
2.Output paper Jumbo Roll for Napkin tissue paper,Facial tissue paper and Toilet paper
3. Output paper weight  13-40g/m2
4.Capacity  20-40 Tons per day
5. Net paper width  2850-3600mm
6. Wire width  3300-4000mm
7.Working speed  350-500m/min
8. Designing speed  600m/min
9. Rail gauge  3900-4600mm
10. Drive way  Alternating current frequency converter speed control, sectional drive.
11.Layout type Left or right hand machine.
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Process Technical Condition

Wood pulp and White cuttings →Stock preparation system→Headbox→Wire forming section→Drying section→Reeling section

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Process Technical Condition

Requirements for Water, electricity, steam, compressed air and lubrication:

1.Fresh water and recycled use water condition:
Fresh water condition:clean,no color,low sand
Fresh water pressure used for boiler and cleaning system:3Mpa、2Mpa、0.4Mpa(3 kinds) PH value:6~8
Reuse water condition:
COD≦600 BOD≦240 SS≦80 ℃20-38 PH6-8

2. Power supply parameter
Controlling system voltage:220/24V

3.Working steam pressure for dryer ≦0.5Mpa

4. Compressed air
● Air source pressure:0.6~0.7Mpa
● Working pressure:≤0.5Mpa
● Requirements: filtering、degreasing、dewatering、dry
Air supply temperature:≤35℃

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Feasibility Study

1.Raw material consumption: 1.2 tons waste paper for producing 1 ton paper 
2.Boiler fuel consumption: Around 120 Nm3 natural gas for producing 1 ton paper 
Around 138 liter diesel for making 1 ton paper
Around 200kg coal for making 1 ton paper
3.Power consumption: around 250 kwh for producing 1 ton paper
4.Water consumption: around 5 m3 fresh water for making 1 ton paper 
5.Operating personal: 11workers/shift, 3 shifts/24hours


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