1575mm 10 T/D Corrugated Paper Making Plant Technical Solution

1575mm 10 T/D Corrugated Paper Making Plant Technical Solution

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Technical parameter

1.Raw material: wheat straw

2.Output paper: corrugated paper for making carton

3.Output paper weight: 90-160g/m2

4.Capacity: 10T/D

5.Net paper width: 1600mm

6.Wire width: 1950mm

7.Working speed: 30-50 m/min

8.Design speed:70 m/min

9.Rail gauge: 2400mm

10.Drive way: Alternating current frequency conversion adjustable speed, section drive

11.Layout type: left or right hand machine.

Product Detail

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Paper making section

1)Main structure

1.Cylinder mold part

Ф1250mm×1950mm×2400mm stainless steel cylinder mold 2 sets, Ф350mm×1950mm×2400mm couch roll 2 sets,coated by rubber,rubber hardness SR38±2;  Ф350mm×1950mm×2400mm return roll 1 set,coated by rubber,rubber hardness SR86±2.


2.Press part

1 set of Ф400mm×1950mm×2400mm natural marble roll, 1 set of Ф350mm×1950mm×2400mm rubber roll, rubber hardness SR92±2, pneumatic pressure device.


3.Dryer part

1 set of Ф2000mm×1950mm ×2400mm alloy dryer cylinder and 1 set of Ф1500mm×1950mm ×2400mm alloy dryer cylinder. The first dryer with 1 pc of Ф400mm×1950mm×2400mm touch roll, the second dryer with 1 pc of reverse press roll, coated by rubber, rubber hardness SR92±2, pneumatic pressure device.


4.Winding part

1 set of winding machine with cooling drum Ф600mm×1950mm×2400mm.


5.Rewinding part

1 set of 1575mm rewinding machine.


2)The equipment list

No Equipment Qty(set)
1 Stainless steel cylinder mold 2
2 Couch roll 2
3 Cylinder mold vat 2
4 Return roll 1
5 Natural marble roll 1
6 Rubber roll 1
7 Alloy dyer cylinder 2
8 Exhaust hood of dryer cylinder 1
9 Φ500 Axial-flow ventilator 1
10 Winding machine 1
11 1575mm rewinding machine 1
12 13 type roots vacuum pump 1
13 Vacuum suction box 2
14 Air compressor 1
15 2T Boiler (burning natural gas) 1

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