Multi-wire Kraftliner&Duplex Paper Mill Machinery

Multi-wire Kraftliner&Duplex Paper Mill Machinery

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Multi-wire Kraftliner&Duplex Paper Mill Machinery uses old cartons(OCC) as bottom pulp and Cellulose as top pulp to produce 100-250 g/m² Kraftliner paper or White top Duplex paper.The Multi-wire Kraftliner&Duplex Paper Mill Machinery has advanced technology, high production efficiency and good output paper quality. It is large-scale capacity,high-speed and double wire,triple wire,even Five wire design,adopts multi-headbox for starching different layers, uniform pulp distribution to achieve small difference in GSM of paper web; the forming wire cooperates with the dewatering units to form a wet paper web, to make sure the paper has a good tensile force.

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Main Technical Parameter

1.Raw material  Waste paper,Cellulose
2.Output paper  White top Duplex paper,Kraftliner paper
3.Output paper weight  100-250 g/m2
4.Output paper width  2880-5100mm
5.Wire width  3450-5700 mm
6.Capacity  60-500 Tons Per Day
7. Working speed 100-450m/min
8. Design speed 150-500m/min
9.Rail gauge  4000-6300 mm
10.Drive way  Alternating current frequency conversion adjustable speed, sectional drive
11.Layout  Left or right hand machine
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Process Technical Condition

Waste paper and Cellulose →Double Stock preparation system→Multi-Wire part→Press part→Dryer group→Sizing press part→Re-dryer group→Calendering part →Paper scanner→Reeling part→Slitting&Rewinding part

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Paper Making Process

Requirements for Water, electricity, steam, compressed air and lubrication:

1.Fresh water and recycled use water condition:
Fresh water condition:clean,no color,low sand
Fresh water pressure used for boiler and cleaning system:3Mpa、2Mpa、0.4Mpa(3 kinds) PH value:6~8
Reuse water condition:
COD≦600 BOD≦240 SS≦80 ℃20-38 PH6-8

2. Power supply parameter
Controlling system voltage:220/24V

3.Working steam pressure for dryer ≦0.5Mpa

4. Compressed air
● Air source pressure:0.6~0.7Mpa
● Working pressure:≤0.5Mpa
● Requirements: filtering、degreasing、dewatering、dry
Air supply temperature:≤35℃

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Feasibility Study

1.Raw material consumption: 1.2 tons waste paper for producing 1 ton paper 
2.Boiler fuel consumption: Around 120 Nm3 natural gas for producing 1 ton paper 
Around 138 liter diesel for making 1 ton paper
Around 200kg coal for making 1 ton paper
3.Power consumption: around 300 kwh for producing 1 ton paper
4.Water consumption: around 5 m3 fresh water for making 1 ton paper 
5.Operating personal: 12workers/shift, 3 shifts/24hours


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