Toilet & tissue paper converting machine

  • 2800/3000/3500 high speed toilet paper rewinding machine

    2800/3000/3500 high speed toilet paper rewinding machine

    1.Man-machine interface operation, the operation is more simple and convenient. 2.The automatic trimming, glue spraying and sealing are completed simultaneously at one time. The device replaces the traditional water line trimming and realizes the foreign popular trimming and tail sticking technology. The finished product has a paper tail of 10-18mm, which is convenient to use, and reduces the loss of paper tail during the production of ordinary rewinder, so as to reduce the cost of finished p...
  • Napkin paper folding machine

    Napkin paper folding machine

    High speed machine is used for raw plate paper napkin after embossing, folding, cutting and processing, electronic counting into a square napkin, in the production process of automatic embossing without manual folding, folding, flower type other napkins according to the flower pattern of users need to make different clear beautiful.

  • 2L/3L/4L tissue paper folder

    2L/3L/4L tissue paper folder

    Box of Kleenex machine is to cut paper plate processing each transaction is folded into a box of Kleenex, after a pumping tissue machine, use a withdrawn from the box.

  • Handkerchief paper machine

    Handkerchief paper machine

    The mini embossed handkerchief paper machine adopts vacuum adsorption folding paper towel, which is first calendered, embossed, then cut and automatically folded into handkerchief paper with convenient volume and size

  • 2 heads paper tube making machine

    2 heads paper tube making machine

    It is suitable for the production of fireworks, cloth tube, electrochemical aluminum, cotton yarn, fax paper, fresh-keeping film, toilet paper and other paper tubes.

  • 4 heads paper tube making machine

    4 heads paper tube making machine

    The design concept is simple, compact and stable.
    Production purpose reference: all kinds of paper tubes for film winding, paper tubes for paper industry, and all kinds of medium-sized industrial paper tubes.

  • 1575/1760/1880 toilet paper rewinding machine

    1575/1760/1880 toilet paper rewinding machine

    This machine adopts the new international PLC computer programming technology upgrade, variable frequency speed regulation, automatic electronic brake. Touch type man-machine interface surface operating system, the core of the roll forming system. Application PLC program wind column forming technology to achieve faster rewinding, more beautiful appearance and other characteristics.

  • 5L / 6L / 7L Tissue paper folder

    5L / 6L / 7L Tissue paper folder

    The 5L / 6L / 7L box towel extractor adopts frequency conversion speed regulation and is equipped with a touch multi screen man-machine interface operating system. It has independently developed a remote communication service system, which can monitor the operation of the machine at any time; The whole machine adopts synchronous belt transmission and the front and rear speed ratio of transmission of variable speed machine, which makes the equipment suitable for the needs of a variety of base paper and greatly improves the quality and efficiency.