2L/3L/4L tissue paper folder

2L/3L/4L tissue paper folder

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Box of Kleenex machine is to cut paper plate processing each transaction is folded into a box of Kleenex, after a pumping tissue machine, use a withdrawn from the box.

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Product Features

1.2L/3L/4L type box and effective tissue machine width can reach 560mm-820mm, while the production of 2/3/4 standard soft pumping, which greatly greatly improves the machine output.
2.This machine adopts vacuum adsorption, automatic counting, has the advantages of high speed, accurate quantity, advanced production equipment box of kleenex.
3.The equipment is equipped with the expansion force adjustment device three, in order to guarantee the folding finished product size precision.
4.Machine with pressure side lines and pressure all two kinds of flower embossed function, can meet the production needs of customers.

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Technical Parameter

Model JX-2L/3L/4L
Product Size 200×200±2mm (Other size is available)
Paper Diameter Φ1300mm (Other size is available)
Paper Core Inner Dia 76.2mm(Other size is available)
Speed 0-180m/min
Controller Electromagnetic speed
Embossing Device Steel to steel embossing
Embossing Roller End Felt roller, wool roller, rubber roller, steel roller
Blank Lines Steel on steel, the independent regulator
Cutting system Pneumatic point cut
Vacuum System 7.5kw
Pneumatic System 3 air compressor, at least the pressure 5kg/cm2  Pa
Host Power 3 kw
Dimension 5150mm×1300mm×1920mm
Weight Depended on the model and configuration to the actual weight
Use of power Frequency Control, Electromagnetic speed
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