5L / 6L / 7L Tissue paper folder

5L / 6L / 7L Tissue paper folder

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The 5L / 6L / 7L box towel extractor adopts frequency conversion speed regulation and is equipped with a touch multi screen man-machine interface operating system. It has independently developed a remote communication service system, which can monitor the operation of the machine at any time; The whole machine adopts synchronous belt transmission and the front and rear speed ratio of transmission of variable speed machine, which makes the equipment suitable for the needs of a variety of base paper and greatly improves the quality and efficiency.

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Product Features

1. The paper return rack adopts pneumatic paper loading and stepless speed ratio adjustment to adjust the tension of different paper
2. The finished products with different widths can be folded as required, and point cutting or full cutting can be selected
3. The base paper alignment function can be configured as required
4. Automatic shutdown system for paper breaking to avoid waste products caused by no paper or paper breaking
5. Use the front and rear inching switches to pull the base paper, which makes the operation simpler and safer

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Technical Parameter

Model 5L/6L/7L
Product Size 180-200mm (Other size is available)
Gram weight range of double-layer base paper Single layer 13-18g (Other size is available)
Maximum base paper size Φ1200×1000mm-1450mm(Other size is available)
Paper Core Inner Dia 76.2mm(Other size is available)
Speed 0-100m/min
Host power 5.5kw  7.5kw
Vacuum power 11kw  15kw
Paper breaking mode Single side single knife
Base paper detection  with automatic deceleration shutdown and paper break detection shutdown system when the base paper is exhausted
Mechanical transmission mode Electric drive, gear chain reducer, synchronous belt, flat belt, chain, V-belt drive
Base paper loading system Pneumatic automatic paper feeding system
Paper backing 2-4 layers(please specify)
Folding roll gap The gap of folding roller is adjustable
Paper output skip system Pneumatic integral movable paper outlet base plate
Paper output system The smooth conveyor belt is used to assist the paper output with stepless speed change
Embossing Device Steel to steel, steel to plastic
Trimming system Vacuum trimming adsorption system
Dimension 6000mm×2000mm-2500mm×2050mm
Weight Depended on the model and configuration to the actual weight
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The Process Flow

tissue paper machine

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