1575/1760/1880 toilet paper rewinding machine

1575/1760/1880 toilet paper rewinding machine

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This machine adopts the new international PLC computer programming technology upgrade, variable frequency speed regulation, automatic electronic brake. Touch type man-machine interface surface operating system, the core of the roll forming system. Application PLC program wind column forming technology to achieve faster rewinding, more beautiful appearance and other characteristics.

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Product Features

1.PLC used in automatic rewinding, automatically send finished product, immediately reset rewinding, automatic trimming, spraying, sealing a complete synchronization. Replace the traditional line trimming, realizes trimming margin,sealing tail into technology. Product has 10mm--20mm paper tail, easy to open use. Realization no paper tail loss, and reducing the cost.
2.PLC applied to the finished product in the rewinding process after the first tight, solve due to the long time storage, paper core loose phenomenon.
3.The application base monitoring system, automatic stop off paper. At high speed in the process of the base base paper, real--time monitoring, reduce the resulting loss because of the broken paper to ensure the normal operation of the equipment at high speed.

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Technical Parameter

Model 1575/1760/1880
Paper width 1575mm/1760mm/1880mm
Base diameter 1200mm(please specify)
Jumbo roll core diameter 76mm(please specify)
Product diameter 40mm-200mm
Paper backing 1-4layer, general chain feed or continuously variable transmission feed paper
Punch 2-4 knife, spiral cutter line
Hole pitch Positioning of bell and chain wheel
Control system PLC control, variable frequency speed control, touch screen operation
Product range Core paper, non core roll paper
Drop tube Manual, automatic(optional)
Production speed 150-280m/min
Spray, cutting and rewinding Automatic
Finished product launch Automatic
Point moving mode Before and after the point moving
Power configuration 380V, 50HZ
Required air pressure 0.5Mps(If necessary, prepare yourself)
Embossing Single embossing, double embossing(steel roller to wool roller,steel roller,optional)
Blank holder Airbag control, cylinder control, steel to steel structure
Outline dimension 6200mm-7500mm*2600mm-3200mm*1750mm
Machine weight 2900kg-3800kg
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The Process Flow

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