4 heads paper tube making machine

4 heads paper tube making machine

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The design concept is simple, compact and stable.
Production purpose reference: all kinds of paper tubes for film winding, paper tubes for paper industry, and all kinds of medium-sized industrial paper tubes.

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Product Features

1. The main body is made of thick and heavy steel plate welded after NC cutting. The frame is stable, not easy to deform and has small vibration.
2. The main drive adopts hard tooth surface full oil bath chain drive, with low noise, low heating, high speed and large torque.
3. The main motor adopts vector high torque frequency converter for speed regulation
4. PLC control system is adopted to improve the cutting response speed, and the cutting length control is more accurate than before.
5. It is equipped with new operation panel and large-size color touch screen for man-machine interface operation.

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Technical Parameter

Number of paper layers 3-21 layers
Maximum tube diameter 250mm
Minimum tube diameter 40mm
Maximum tube thickness 20mm
Minimum tube thickness 1mm
Fixing method of tube winding die Flange jacking
Winding head Four head double belt
Cutting mode Non resistance cutting with single circular cutter
Gluing method Single / double sided gluing
Synchronous control Pneumatic
Fixed length mode photoelectricity
Synchronous tracking pipe cutting system  
Winding speed 3-20m / min
Dimension of host 4000mm × 2000mm × 1950mm
Weight of machine 4200kg
Power of host 11kw
Belt tightness adjustment Mechanical adjustment
Automatic glue supply (optional) Pneumatic diaphragm pump
Tension adjustment Mechanical adjustment
Paper holder type (optional) Integral paper holder
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Our Advantages

1.Competitive price and quality
2.Extensive experience in production line design and paper machine manufacturing
3.Advance technology and state of art design
4.Stringent testing and quality inspection process
5.Abundant experience in overseas projects

Our Advantages

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