2 heads paper tube making machine

2 heads paper tube making machine

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It is suitable for the production of fireworks, cloth tube, electrochemical aluminum, cotton yarn, fax paper, fresh-keeping film, toilet paper and other paper tubes.

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Product Features

1. PLC control system, and the host adopts frequency converter for operation
2. The control electrical box adopts plastic sprayed vertical electric control cabinet with pluggable terminal interface, and each terminal has instructions, which makes the later maintenance and repair more convenient
3. Text display operation, all function programs are memorized and saved automatically, and faults are displayed automatically
4. Imported single round knife cutting design, accurate cutting position, even if the incision is smoother, there is no need for fine cutting
5. Ultra silent design of transmission part, compact transmission structure, high efficiency and low cost maintenance
6. The imported polyurethane scraper with independent stainless steel glue groove on both sides is adopted to produce paper tubes with high strength

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Technical Parameter

tube wall thickness

1mm - 10mm

tube diameter


Winding paper layer

3-16 layer



Roll tube mold fixed way

Flange top tight

Rolling way

Double noses single belt

Cutting way

Single circle knife cutting

Gluing method

Single side and two sides

Power input


Speed control

Frequency converter

Dimension of host


Weight of host


Host power

11 kw

Cutting knife

Single circular knife


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The Process Flow

tissue paper machine

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