Handkerchief paper machine

Handkerchief paper machine

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The mini embossed handkerchief paper machine adopts vacuum adsorption folding paper towel, which is first calendered, embossed, then cut and automatically folded into handkerchief paper with convenient volume and size

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Product Features

1. Unwinding tension control can adapt to the production of high and low tension base paper
2. The folding device is positioned reliably and the finished product size is unified
3. Face the rolling pattern directly, and the pattern is clear and obvious
4. Make models of products with different specifications according to customer requirements

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Technical Parameter

Finished product unfolding size 210mm×210mm±5mm
Finished product folded size (75-105)mm×53±2mm
Size of base paper 150-210mm
Diameter of base paper 1100mm
Speed 400-600 pieces/min
Power 1.5kw
Vacuum system 3kw
Dimension of machine 3600mm×1000mm×1300mm
Weight of machine 1200kg
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The Process Flow

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