Thermal&Sublimation Coating Paper Machine

Thermal&Sublimation Coating Paper Machine

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Thermal&Sublimation Coating Paper Machine is mainly used for the surface coating process of paper. This Paper Coating Machine is to coat the rolled base paper with a layer of Clay or chemical or paint with specific functions, and then rewind it after drying.According to the user’s requirements, the basic structure of Thermal&Sublimation Coating Paper Machine is: Double-axis unloading bracket (automatic paper splicing) → Air knife coater → Hot air drying oven → Back coating → Hot stereotype dryer→Soft calender →Double-axis paper reeler (automatic paper splicing)

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Main Technical Parameter

1..Raw material: White base paper
2.Base paper weight: 50-120g/m2
3.Output paper: Sublimation Paper,Thermal Paper
4.Output paper width: 1092-3200mm
5. Capacity: 10-50T/D
6.Working speed: 90-250 m/min
7.Design speed: 120-300 m/min
8.Rail gauge: 1800-4200mm
9.Drive way: Alternating current frequency conversion adjustable speed, section drive
10.Coating method: Top coating: Air knife coating
Back coating: Mesh back coating
11.Coating amount: 5-10g/m² for top coating (each time) and 1-3g/m² for back coating (each time)
12.Coating solid content: 20-35%
13.Heat conduction oil heat dissipation:
14. Air temperature of drying box: ≥140C° (circulating air inlet temperature ≥60°) Wind pressure: ≥1200pa
15. Power parameters: AC380V/200±5% Frequency 50HZ±1
16. Compressed air for operation: Pressure: 0.7-0.8 mpa
Temperature: 20-30 C°
Quality: Filtered clean air


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