Napkin paper folding machine

Napkin paper folding machine

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High speed machine is used for raw plate paper napkin after embossing, folding, cutting and processing, electronic counting into a square napkin, in the production process of automatic embossing without manual folding, folding, flower type other napkins according to the flower pattern of users need to make different clear beautiful.

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Product Features

1.Automatic counting, the whole column, convenient packaging
2.The production speed, low noise, suitable for household production.
3.According to user requirements for the manufacture of a variety of different specifications of the models.
4.Can increase the function of synchronous transmission and automatic shutdown of paper cutting function, higher security, faster production (customized)

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Technical Parameter

Model DC--A
Open size(mm) 180mm*180mm--460mm*460mm
Folded size(mm) 90mm*90mm--230mm*230mm
Paper Roll diameter ≤Φ1300mm
Capacity 800pcs/min
Paper roll inner diameter(mm) 750mm standard(can appoint another spec)
Embossing roll yes
Counting system Electricity
Power 4kw
Dimension size(mm) 3800x1400x1750mm
Weight 1300kg
Transmission 6#chain
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The Process Flow

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