Ivory coated board paper production line

Ivory coated board paper production line

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Ivory coated board paper production line is mainly used for the surface coating process of packing paper. This Paper Coating Machine is to coat the rolled base paper with a layer of Clay paint for high grade printing function, and then rewind it after drying.The paper coating machine is suitable for single-sided or double-sided coating of paper board with a base paper basis weight of 100-350g/m², and the total coating weight (one-side) is 30-100g/m². Whole machine configuration: hydraulic paper rack; blade coater; hot air drying oven; hot finishing dryer cylinder; cold finishing dryer cylinder; two-roll soft calender; horizontal reeling machine; paint preparation;rewinder.

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Main Technical Parameter

1.Raw material White top Liner paper
2.Output paper Ivory coated board paper,Duplex paper
3. Base paper weight  100-350g/m2
4.Coating amount  50-150g/m2
5.Coating solid content  (max)40%-60%
6.Capacity  20-200 Tons per day
7. Net paper width  1092-3200mm
8.Working speed  60-300m/min
9. Designing speed  100-350m/min
10. Rail gauge  1800-4200mm
11.Vapor heating pressure 0.7Mpa
12.Air temperature of drying oven  120-140℃
13.Drive way  Alternating current frequency converter speed control, sectional drive.
14.Layout type Left or right hand machine.

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